Business Formation & optimization

By carefully considering the formation state and the forms of business entity that are available and then intelligently choose an appropriate one, you can reduce exposure to liabilities, save taxes and launch the business in a form capable of being financed and conducted efficiently.  In addition, formalizing the business helps prevent misunderstandings among the participants by defining their ownership, roles, and duties in the business. 

QuickBooks Consulting

Utilizing QuickBooks to its fullest potential can increase productivity, generate more complete income and expense information and provide much more useful information for strategic decision-making during the year. Our team of professionals is equipped to provide fast assistance via remote access, phone, or on-site support to help with the most complex QuickBooks issues. 

Due Diligence Services

Our due diligence services include independent investigations in the target company’s operating qualifications, operating status, financial status, the background of management staff, market risk, and management risk. Our due diligence consulting helps ensure that our clients receive substantive, relevant, comprehensive information in minimal time.