Controller and Other Accounting Functions

Mid-market companies outsource to accounting professionals and gain valuable insight and service without the salary and benefit burden of a full-time person.


We can function as your complete in-house bookkeeping department remotely, from our office. We reconcile your bank statements, generate income statements, and clean up your general ledger. We also provide unlimited consultation. With our support, you will need fewer employees! We are here to oversee and protect your finances.

Payroll Services

Payroll deductions and withholdings for social security, Medicare, and garnishments are a few of the issues employers face regularly. ADVANTA provides payroll services that range from the basic calculation of employee payroll and tax obligations, production of checks, and preparation of management reports to optional services such as filing payroll taxes, processing checks via direct deposit, and preparing W-2s.

Tax Service

By asking the right questions and developing an understanding of your company’s unique needs, we are able to consider all possible tax strategies. Advanta's Tax Services Group takes an active role in your tax planning by providing information and recommendations that will benefit your business.