As your trust advisor, Advanta Accountancy wants to see you thrive. Advanta Accountancy’s Personal Services division serves individuals in many areas including investment management, tax, estate, financial planning services, and daily money management. Our professionals possess the skills and real-world experience that add up to tangible benefits for you and your family.

We know that an alignment of personal, emotional, and financial decisions allows you to take care of the important things in life – like your family, your home, and your community. Our priority is our clients, and what we do for our clients is personal. It enhances their life’s work in addition to the future for their loved ones and themselves.

Personal Tax Planning 

For the individual who has accumulated wealth, as a business owner or self-employed person, through family transfer, inheritance, or good fortune, our professionals bring a wealth of accounting knowledge, tax planning skills, and resources to each client situation. We customize your tax plan to match the complexity of your situation and reduce your overall tax burden. You’ll find that we are active managers with attention to detail, and we can provide you with the control you want, without the administrative burden.

Estate Planning

You have a vision for your legacy. That vision combined with our forward-thinking advice and planning can result in estate strategies that secure your family’s future and lighten the tax burden. Our Estate and Trust team members provide planning expertise in areas including succession plans for family-owned businesses, comprehensive financial planning, risk assessment, and wealth management plans, creating plans to care for special needs children, guidance in making charitable gifts (during life and at death) and assistance with finding long-term care solutions.

Advanta Accountancy strives to understand your goals and ensure that short-term financial planning fits into your long-term estate and financial plan. Our aim is to be a trusted advisor who remains in step with you, your wishes, and your representatives.

Money Management 

Advanta Accountancy offers accounting and back-office support, as well as other routine financial services, our experienced professionals apply a strategic and coordinated approach to each client situation. They assemble a suite of services uniquely focused on a client’s needs and goals, saving the client time, and relieving them of routine or complex responsibilities. The services we offer are tailored for those who understand the opportunity costs associated with managing their own routine financial tasks.

Our services run the gamut from personal and lifestyle management support to accounting and tax services. They include accounting, risk management, and personal services, investments, tax services, estate planning, and oversight and assistance.